Taking Learning Outdoors, Italy June 2011

Irene and Ally, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunities I experienced in Schilpario.  It not only redirected and refocused my approaches to teaching and the children we teach, but allowed me to apply these approaches to various other aspects of my life in general.  The content of the course was immense fun with as much challenge as we cared to embrace in a beautiful setting with an amazing group of people.  The whole experiential learning and especially the reflective practises have reinforced some of my own values and believes and opened up new avenues to explore.

A little trepidation moved on to a variety of challenges and great  fun to a huge impact overall.

Thank you very much for doing it sooo well.

Sheila, Scotland


Welcome to Adventurascotland

Where we offer in the first instance, is

a journey with a difference, a journey of discovery

Our philosophy is simple enough…. beautiful locations, fabulous walking, companionship, and time to discover a deeper self-awareness en route.

The remote landscapes of Scotland offer peace, beauty and relaxation; we offer journeys through these stunning landscapes, with the additional benefit of time for personal reflection and self-discovery.

The journeys – in secluded valleys and woodlands against the dramatic backdrop of mountain scenery – unleash the powerful potential of activity to ‘free the mind’. They allow space to think, away from the stresses of everyday life.

In the great outdoors, you have a flexibility and freedom to participate as you feel appropriate, unlike in more formal indoor locations. The opportunity to reflect and take stock comes through the activities en route, on themes such as communication and interpersonal relationships. This allows for personal time, space and reflection as well as interaction with others as the journey progresses.